"Megláttam, mintha lábam gyökeret vert volna, lelkemet ihlet, gyönyör ragadta el. Soha nem láttam még ehhez hasonló gyönyörű tüneményt."

Zalaszántó Stupa


The Stupa in Zalaszántó is Europe’s biggest and Eastern Europe’s first Buddhist shrine (Stupa).
The shrine is located next to Zalaszántó on Kovácsi Hill, built in 1992 in the middle of a forest glade. The Stupa contains the teachings and relics of Buddha. The statue of Buddha was created in South Korea. The snow-white building 30 m high and 24 m wide. It is a closed structure with no entry and no religious ceremonies, guarded by two monks. The stupa faces southeast, which part of the mountain known as the Park of Human Rights.