Spirit (pálinka) distillery in Balatongyörök


Hungarian spirit (pálinka) is living its Renaissance nowadays and gained wide popularity amongst locals and visitors, hence Vilmos Gáspár’s vision…and then the first bottle of Gáspárlat happened. Our guests have the opportunity to get introduced to the story of pálinka, how and why it should be consumed, what it is good for and get a glimpse of the secrets of the distillery methods.

Szépkilátó (lookout) and sourroundings


The magnificent lookout place called Szépkilátó (literally translated Beautiful spot) raises 140 meters above sea level on the roadside by road 71. The once called Chapel Hill was named after the Dominican cloister that stood at its foot.





Roman spring

A II. century Roman villa and a Roman baths and spring started to be revealed in the 1940s at the bottom of the hill. The spring provided the ancient Roman villa spa building’s water supply which was later called the Chapel Fountain and got renovated in 2001 by the Balatongyörök Youth Association.




St. Michael’s Chapel

The castle of Györök probably stood here in the 1560’s, but the chapel took its place in 1622. This is attested by the date on a recently found fresco. The St. Michael’s Chapel owes its existence to fishermen, according to the legend. The chapel that stands on a hilltop between Vonyarcvashegy and Balatongyörök was raised as a token of gratitude for the lucky escape of fishermen floating on the icy Lake Balaton. 46 fishermen were working on the ice of Balaton in the winter of 1739 when a slab of ice they were standing on became detached. Unfortunately six of them died. The ice cold water made it impossible to swim out. The wind suddenly shifted around, drifted the slab of ice towards the shores, saving the rest from death. The survived fishermen took a vow to build a chapel on the hilltop as a sign of their gratitude. One should visit the Szent Mihály-chapel for its scenic environment as well. The Balaton Bike Ring passes at the feet of the hill, making it easy to find. The dolomite Chapel Hill was once the lake waters prominent island.


Becehegy chapel

There is a chapel standing on Becehegy’s pinnacle, that regionally belongs to Györök, but was built more than 100 years ago by the neighbouring villages’ wine-growers. It revived and got filled with life in the recent years.
The magnificent view of the Tapolca Basin, St. George’s Hill, Szigliget, Badacsony basalt organs and the charming panorama of Balatongyörök makes everybody stay. Balatongyörök and its surroundings is one of the most beautiful part of the Balaton region. It wasn’t by chance that the Romans settled in this place and founded the tradition of their spa culture.



Eötvös Károly: Tour around Lake Balaton


topazbalaton-hu_latnivalok-balatongyorok_banner-5Bath culture of today’s sense along with the tourism began to properly develop in the 1960’s. The village became immensely popular within the local and foreign holiday makers. Tourism being the main source of income for the residents allowed the locals material prosperity that also shows overall the village.


topazbalaton-hu_latnivalok-balatongyorok_banner-1Balatongyörök classifies as one of the most popular holiday places along the shore of Lake Balaton, not without a reason. A number of writers, poets, artists, politicians, eminent personalities bought himself in real estate here. Hospitality and service units are constantly being established in the village and around the beach area.

Since the change of regime, municipalities have been working on the development of the village, maintaining its values and memories, making it more and more attractive not only for visitors but residents too.

topazbalaton-hu_latnivalok-balatongyorok_banner-4The village is bordered by the Keszthely Hills from north giving a superb array of hiking possibilities. Numerous lookouts, rocky parts, caves, glades make our tour diverse and enjoyable. Built hiking trails give directions.

Information boards, benches for resting, rain shelter sheds serve the traveller. The trail gives a real experience to those aiming to discover the protected flora and fauna.

topazbalaton-hu_latnivalok-balatongyorok_banner-6The bicycle ring around the lake has to be mentioned when it comes to the Europe-wide popular bicycle tourism. There is a route around the entire lake for cyclists.
The beach has excellent features where surf and sailing schools have been operating since years. Thanks to an extensive customer base and public relations work, an international Windsurfing Championship takes place at the beginning of every summer in Balatongyörök.

topazbalaton-hu_latnivalok-balatongyorok_banner-3Best features of the beach: fresh air, shady and sunny areas, playground, a children’s pool, water slides, volleyball, tennis, windsurfing, boat, pedal-boat rental, kid’s animation throughout the summer.




topazbalaton-hu_latnivalok-balatongyorok_banner-2Balatongyörök has the longest coastline in terms of fishing. The fishing tradition in the village dates back to the 18th century. The harbour with 99 berths contributes to the development and boost of fishing tourism.

Balatongyörök’s rich offer of leisure and relaxing atmosphere awaits everyone.

Visit us, it’s worth it!