"Megláttam, mintha lábam gyökeret vert volna, lelkemet ihlet, gyönyör ragadta el. Soha nem láttam még ehhez hasonló gyönyörű tüneményt."

Castle of Sümeg


This castle was originally built in the mid or late 13th century by Béla IV. of Hungary, where he lived during the Mongolian invasion between 1241-1242. Later, it was presented as a gift to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Veszprém by Stephen V. of Hungary.

In 1552, in response to the capture of Veszprém by the Turks, the castles was rebuilt and fortified to serve as a frontier fortress. In 1713, after the Austrian occupation during Rákóczi’s War for Independence, troops set the castle on fire. During the 20th century, parts of the castle were restored. Since 1989, it has been privately held. It was restored on a large scale, and is now operated as a tourist attraction, providing events and tournaments. It is considered to be Hungary’s most well-preserved fortress.