"Megláttam, mintha lábam gyökeret vert volna, lelkemet ihlet, gyönyör ragadta el. Soha nem láttam még ehhez hasonló gyönyörű tüneményt."



Balaton uplands is influenced by half-dozen of extinct volcanoes scattered across the Tapolca basin. Badacsony is the godfather of Transdanubian volcanoes; the highest and – because of its proximity to Lake Balaton – the most prominent one.
Its flat, irregular cone topping northwest shore of Lake Balaton is one of the Central European trademarks. Badacsony volcano has 11km long circular base, cap of it is a 1 km diameter wooded plateau. Starting from the lake, elevation gain is only 300m, the easiest routes are inside stroll-up scope, making it frequently visited by people willing to enjoy peculiarly shaped results of the volcanic activity. The entire area is recognized for its wine, with vineyards dating back to Roman times.